Welcome to our Version History

Welcome to our change-log page, where we keep track of all the updates, tweaks, and fixes we’ve made. Whether it’s major new features or minor bug fixes, you’ll find everything listed here for your review.

The Words In Progress Team

2022.1.3 (1.3.4) – 22 March 2024

New Features

  • Merge Confirmation
    • A new Settings option has appeared! Merge Confirmation lets you toggle a ‘safety’ mode, where merges will require an additional input from the player before a merge is final. Did you accidentally place a tile on top of another? Simply cancel the merge. We are done with accidental merges! But remember: once a merge has been manually confirmed, they are still final!
    • Merge Confirmation is off by default and can be toggled in the Settings
    • Note that Merge Confirmation does not work on Controller- and Keyboard-input and is therefore only available for macOS and iOS
  • Streamlined Info
    • The GameLanguage button on the Main Menu has been replaced with a new Information and Rules button: all the relevant information and support regarding Words in Progress in a single place!
    • We’ve added an expansive list of rules regarding gameplay but also regarding wordlists.
    • All support buttons have been moved from the Settings to the Information overlay
    • The ‘replay tutorial’ has been moved from the Settings to the Information overlay


  • We’ve fixed an issue where exceptional long games would break our Endless mode in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Thanks to everyone who helped and provided input! Players should now be able to really play endlessly
  • We’ve fixed an issue where large amounts of words created (400+) in Endless would break the rendering of the Endless screen / mode
  • Endless leaderboard cap increased from 5.000 to 20.000 because players are way better at Endless than we anticipated (well done!)


  • Tutorial got a overhaul with some additional information in both the Tutorial as well as in the Pause- and End-screens of the Tutorial
  • Based on player experiences we’ve adjusted the ‘i’ letter within our font. Hopefully the ‘i’ and ‘l’ are now more distinguishable from each other


  • An ‘are you sure’ prompt will now be displayed when quitting the game on macOS
  • All GameCenter Access Points are now navigable using Controller or Keyboard input
  • We overhauled the Friends overlay and the Random Game overlay
    • A GameLanguage selector has been added to the Random Game overlay
    • The (wrongly labeled) ‘invite a friend’ button has been removed from the Friends overlay
  • All scrollbars got a redesign and are less intrusive
  • Increased the font size in the Tutorial, so all Tutorial-text is more readable
  • The Daily screen now shows the (countdown) time until the next Daily challenge when you’ve finished your current Daily challenge
  • Some in-menu texts have been revised so that they are more descriptive
  • Some icons have received a redesign

Wordlist Changes

  • The German game language now converts umlauts
    • Based on player experiences we’ve overhauled the German game language so that it is more inline with the ‘expected umlaut behavior’. All umlauts are now converted into their appropriate umlaut-less counterparts
      • ‘ä’ is converted into ‘ae’ (mädchen > maedchen)
      • ‘ö’ is converted into ‘oe’ (schön > schoen)
      • ‘ü’ is converted into ‘ue’ (glücklich > gluecklich)
    • We hope that this will improve our experience when playing German words!
  • All words requested by players have been reviewed and, if found to be safe and valid, added to their wordlists. Thank you to everyone who requested a change!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problematic bug that would cause an infinite reboot-loop. Players now receive an overlay with an explanation on how to resolve the issue.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where tiles wouldn’t scale properly when merging with a tile that is animating in
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where frame-perfect input would displace tiles during gameplay
  • Fixed a navigation bug where Controller / Keyboard + Touch input would interfere a draggable tile
  • Fixed a navigation bug where scroll would be reversed in Arabic ClientLanguage using Controller / Keyboard
  • Fixed a navigation bug in the Friend overlay in Arabic ClientLanguage
  • Fixed a mouse based input-delay issue on macOS
  • Fixed v-sync issue on macOS / tvOS
  • Fixed a server bug where a game would be deleted when canceled in some cases
  • Fixed a server bug where a wrong response code would return when a game was canceled in some cases

2022.1.2 (1.2.0) – 9 Februari 2024

Word Lists
  • Updated Wordlist for English
  • Updated Wordlist for French

2022.1.1 (1.1.0) – 1 Februari 2024

Word Lists
  • Updated Wordlist for English

2022.1.0 (1.0.0) – 26 January 2024

Launch Build