Hello Words In Progress Players!

We’re thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey of wordplay and strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just starting out, our game is designed for players of all ages to enjoy. Before you embark on your adventure, let’s take a quick look at the rules to ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone involved.

Basic Rules

  • Only a-z letters are used*
  • A regular game has 40 letters
  • 10 Points bonus for using all 40 letters
  • Blank tiles automatically change to create valid words
  • Tiles change color based on their validity. Use this to your advantage
  • In regular games, blank tiles appear randomly
  • In endless mode, blank tiles appear after 50 point milestones
  • Words have a maximum length of 15 letters
  • Diacritics are converted into regular letters*

In Words in Progress, we stick to the common rules of word games when it comes to valid words. That means words must be commonly accepted in the language you’re playing in, and they can’t include profanities or offensive language. So remember!

No points for:

  • Non-family friendly or offensive words
  • Words with suffixes, prefixes or abbreviations
  • Words that require spaces, hyphens or apostrophes
  • Proper nouns, including names of people, places or brands
  • Words that contain capital letters (German nouns excluded)

There are some exceptions to these rules!

Some Exceptions

  • Danish and Norwegian also use the letters å, æ and ø
  • German converts ä to ae, ö to oe, ü to ue
  • Swedish also uses the letters å, ä and ö
  • Spanish also uses the letter ñ